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Photos by Tony Chavis, LifeHouse, Aislinn, Rae Latham, East Hill Photo, Jessi Field, & Sandy McDvaid

Have you been to Palafox Wharf? Well, if not, imagine yourself stepping into the Venue and finding a large dining area with 20’ ceilings and warm wood along with exposed brick. You see a large built in shiny wood Dance Floor (from 1880) which is usually covered overhead with one of the Venue’s offered decorations of romantic Market Café Lights.  

You will love to have the DJ set up his station theater style on the landing above the Dance Floor theater style.  Also, your photographer can take amazing photos of you and your reception from the landing. You will see that that the tables have Chiavari chairs around them, the most favored reception chair. The Venue usually places a set-up for 120 guests inside.  

If you have over 120 and you would like a seat for each guest, there are different options. One is to place additional tables on the Dance Floor (see photo to the right which is seating for 150) which are removed after Dinner and have more seating (up to 65) on our large Deck. 

Or, perhaps you would enjoy a clear top Tent on our extra-large Green adjacent to the Venue and then have Cocktail Hour inside the Venue with Dinner and Dancing under the clear top tent. 

We have from 30 guests up to 350 guests at the Wharf.

You see super large skylights in the ceiling bringing immense light into the Venue. You will also find a Rolling Cake table and the 40’ built-in Cocktail Bar made of reclaimed wood from historic American Liberty Ships. Stepping into the restrooms, you find they are well appointed with colors of the sea with touches of copper and bronze, a sparkly counter with gold flecks, and eye catching hand-painted sinks.   

You will see a whimsical looking post in the cocktail area that is part of a mast from one of the ships of the original owner of this historical Venue – way back in 1880. You walk outside to the extra-large Deck and see a beautiful marina filled with yachts and a large Pier on clear, blue water sparkling like diamonds. The Venue is nestled in a highly desirable area of historic South Palafox street directly on the water. The glorious sunsets and views are breathtaking.  

As you walk out to the large Deck, you also see steps leading down to The Green with a beautiful plush golf course grass. It is lush and feels like a thick carpet.  You see that The Green is a huge space where your Wedding Ceremony or Tented Reception can be held. Imagine a glorious sunset Wedding Ceremony facing the great view of the historic harbor. Or, imagine an outside room to relax with your guests and enjoy Cocktail Hour with lawn games. Or, imagine dining under the stars in a clear top tent and then enjoying dancing with your guests to one of the top bands in the Southeast!

If you choose a Saturday when the Wahoo’s are playing at their Pensacola home, they shoot up Fireworks. The perfect place to be is on the Venue’s Deck to enjoy these Fireworks along with your guests and the Food Caterer serving a late night snack. This is a huge hit with your guests!

Brides, Planners, and Photographers rave that Palafox Wharf Waterfront is the perfect venue for their Wedding Ceremony, Reception or Event! A number of professional photographers have been married at Palafox Wharf as they appreciate all the fantastic photography that can be achieved. Many couples and guests like to leave from Venue’s pier by boat. Not many can say their Grand Exit was by boat with their guests waving good-bye!

The venue packages that Brides and planners want are priced according to the day of the week which includes pre-event cleaning, the Venue’s inventory of furniture, table planning, table layout, unlimited emails, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts.  

After you book with us, you are sent 28-30 emails helping you with personally chosen hand picked Wedding and Event creative partners and tips. Brides and planners really, really appreciate this information as their schedules are SO full and they just don’t have all the time that is required to do the necessary leg work to find out who would be great for their Wedding or Event. Some Brides and Planners say that they don’t know what to do and they don’t have time to figure it out. Some are confused and overwhelmed. They just want a little guidance and be pointed in the right direction. In some of our packages, this is a paid service. There are other services that can be added if you would like. 

Here are raves from our Palafox Wharf Brides:

                 “The Palafox Wharf Waterfront Reception Venue encapsulates 19th
                 century charm and is located right on the water at the beginning of
                 one of the most lively streets in downtown Pensacola. We hosted 
                 our wedding reception here mid-May (2015) and can only express 
                 gratitude for the wonderful experience we had. The owner, Sandy 
                 McDavid, was exceptionally helpful in our wedding planning process; providing vendor recommendations and was always readily available to answer our questions every step of the way. She was profoundly supportive. 

The building possesses qualities and touches that would make any event feel special: gorgeous polished hardwood floors, the bright skylights and high ceilings, a beautiful bar top, and the deck out back overlooking the water, to name a few. We not only were able to provide our guests with an experience of comfort and excitement, but we have wonderful lifelong memories that are deeply cherished.” … Arryn

                  “I couldn't have been happier to have had my wedding ceremony 
                  and reception at Palafox Wharf. To start - Sandy is a DREAM to 
                  work with. Right from the beginning, she was really helpful with 
                   vendor recommendations, which was wonderful for a bride 
                  planning her wedding from another state! She was always very 
                  responsive to emails and offered suggestions when I needed help, 
                  and was SO flexible with everything from floor plan set-ups to changing our ceremony location at the very last minute. I don't know how Sandy does it, but she really got to know my (now husband) and I. Every time we were in town before the wedding we would pop in to say hi and share any updates with her - and not only did she make time for us, but she always remembered little details about us and make us feel like we were the only people getting married at her venue. Our guests absolutely loved the venue - and it really was an amazing day. We couldn't have asked for a better vendor to work with for our wedding! DEFINITELY recommend Sandy and Palafox Wharf for any event you're hosting in Pensacola :)” … Lisa 

The Venue’s inventory of 150 chiavari chairs and tables come with your package and are used inside the Venue and on the Deck or under a covered Tent. Most Brides and Planners feel that the Venue is architecturally pleasing and therefore do not feel it needs much decorating. On the interior chairs, the Venue places a thick, white cushion (an option in some packages).  In addition, your table layout is customized for you by the Venue. Then, on your Wedding or Event Day, the Venue’s team sets out its furniture inside the Venue, on the Deck, or under a covered Tent.  

Also, if you want me to send over our list of 30 Food Caterers and 2 Cocktail Caterers, Richey’s East or Aloha, just ask!

Here is a link to our reviews from 100+ Brides and their Moms: 


I am EXCITED to chat more with you about your Wedding or Event Day! 
Sandy Lunger McDavid
Palafox Wharf

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