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Christina and Brian met at Merdan's Corner Bar in Nashville, Tennessee, in July. If it had not been for her friend,Tiffany, they might not have met at all. 

Tiffany had called insisting on a "girl's night" and Christina was trying to starve her off, but to no avail as she knows all her tricks. Tiffany arrived at Christina's apartment around 4:30 pm, and off they went to this bar she had never been to or heard of as she had not been in the "downtown" or "bar" scene in quite awhile.  It was early, about 5:30 in the evening when they arrived.  There were a few folks milling around, they got their beverages and began to catch up.  Not long after their arrival, Brian walked down the stairs. Very unlike Christina, 
PW's Real Brides - Christina
Christina's and Brian's Resources:
Theme: Classic Elegance Wedding 
Colors:  Ivory with Chocolate, Blue and Pink accents
Wedding Gown: Oleg Cassini (purchased at David's Bridal)
Bride's Accessories:   
     - Pearl Bracelet from Hancock Jewelers
     - Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings from Macy's Fine 
Bride's Shoes:  David's Bridal
Bride's Maids Gowns: David's Bridal
Hair:  10th Avenue Hair Design--Heather Daughtery 
Makeup: 10th Avenue Hair Design--Heather Daughtery
Florals, Bouquets: Celebrations
Centerpieces: Celebrations
Photographer: Ben Short, K. R. Group
DJ: Ron Ralph, A DJ To Go
Cake: Publix (Flowers on Cake - Celebrations)
Officiant: A Waner Wedding

Palafox Wharf's Real bride, Christina, shares her story and resources she used to create her fabulous wedding day ceremony and reception:

 To Book your event, contact:
(850) 748-5102       

 To Book your event, contact:
(850) 748-5102
The Proposal...A Day of Family. Thanks and Surprises!

Thanksgiving Day, Christina, her family, Brian, and friends had gathered for a wonderful celebration with her aunt and uncle and their two boys, hosted at the home of her uncle's brother's home in Hendersonville, TN. Her father and brother had driven up from Montgomery, AL to spend the holiday with Christina and Brian. They spent the day cooking, talking, watching football and playing with the kids.

At 4pm, they gathered in a circle, filling the kitchen for prayer before their meal. Raymond (her uncle's brother) gave his personal thanks for the day and all who were gathered. They joined in a traditional Catholic prayer. Then, much to everyone's surprise, Christina's brother requested everyone take a moment to share what each was thankful for this particular Thanksgiving. Her brother began and then requested the person standing to his right continue. As they went around, each giving their thoughts and sincerely giving thanks, Christina was clueless as to what was just moments away... 

Christina was second to last, expressing her gratitude for her family and their love and support and the joy she had found in the past year and a half as a registered nurse. Then next, was Brian who lovingly gave thanks for his family, for Christina's family who was gathered.  Then he wrapped one arm around her giving thanks for the love they shared and then in the most amazing and heartfelt moment he bent to one knee, opened a box which unbeknownst to her had been his pocket all afternoon. With tears gently falling, he asked Christina, "Will you marry me?"

Brian brought Christina to tears and of course--She said yes!
Photographer: Ben Short, K. R. Group
she first asked Tiffany if she knew him. Just Christina's luck Tiffany did and asked to be introduced to him. Christina just knew this was someone she had to meet. After the initial introductions, Tiffany (always the good friend) began making rounds to say hellos to others she knew. Brian and Christina talked for a short while before he had other obligations requiring his attention. They said their goodbyes and made plans to see each other again in the next few weeks at Tiffany's birthday gathering. Waiting with great anticipation, Christina was sadly disappointed when the evening came and went without an appearance from Brian. Then a couple of weeks later, in early August they met again. 

Again on a (much anticipated this time) girl's night out with Tiffany, Christina were back at Corner Bar. As soon as she walked in on this particularly crowded Friday night, she happened to make eye contact with Brian. She made her way over and he immediately hugged her and whispered in her ear "You made my night."  Conversation that evening led to an exchange of numbers and a date a week later. And so their courtship began.
Wedding Planning...The Venue

Christina and Brian were originally planning their wedding and ceremony taking place in St. Thomas in Fall.  When one random day, it occurred to her that her brother had been talking about joining the Navy.  She called him up and when he said he hoped to be enlisted by fall, her mind began going in a thousand different directions. Brian and Christina talked it over along with her Dad.  The decision was Christina's.  She was thinking - do we continue as planned and risk my brother not being with us or move everything up along with a complete change in the location?  This was not a difficult decision.  The tougher choices began-when and what city?  Christina knew she still did not want a wedding in Nashville, Tennessee -their "hometown."  It would prove to be a massive undertaking and one that she just couldn't face without their mothers (as both their mothers had died years ago of breast cancer).  After talking over everything with her Dad, they began talking about all their possibilities outside of Nashville.  They then put location on hold and began working on a date, thinking this might help with location.  

As Christina, her Dad, and her brother are scuba divers their search for a date began with checking the calendar to eliminate conflicts with possible dive weekends.  Then they had their "Ah-ha!" moment. The last weekend in June in Pensacola would be perfect!  If they wanted, they could squeeze a dive in.  Her Dad was familiar with Pensacola from dive excursions and previous business travel, and it held great memories from their Labor Day family weekend trip.  Christina began the internet hunt for venue possibilities in Pensacola, when she discovered Palafox Wharf.  As soon as she saw the photos, she knew it was the perfect place.  Her Dad was familiar with the area and agreed, it looked quite perfect.

In searching for favors for Christina's and Brian's guests, she wanted something special, memorable, and something everyone would appreciate and enjoy over time.  When she found the Pink Ribbon favor, she knew it was the perfect something special for their family and friends for a few different reasons.  Not only did a portion of sale benefit breast cancer research, they were able to honor the memory of both her mother and Brian's mother (both of whom died from breast cancer) as well as honor Christina's grandmother and one of her aunts who are breast cancer survivors.  Additonally the ribbon has wildflower seeds sown in, and when planted in the ground will yield wildflowers.  Christina's hope is when the wildflowers grow, not only will it remind their guests of what a wonderful time they all shared during Christina's and Brian's wedding and reception, but it will pay tribute to all they love who have faced breast cancer.

When Christina and her Dad drove down for their site visit, they knew they couldn't have picked a better location.  It provided versatility for an outdoor wedding while providing a beautiful back-up plan-which brought great ease to her mind.  Throughout the process, Sandy was wonderful.  She understood the more unique challenges of a destination wedding and was there with other vendor recommendations.  Christina just cannot say enough about Palafox Wharf or Sandy, and certainly cannot imagine having had their wedding any other place!